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The Grand Theft Auto Role Playing Game was launched in December of 2012 and started with just a place to create your gang and manage members, now that we have grown and launched our complete role playing game. The game takes place in a world contolled by Dangerous Gangs, Drug Dealers, Pimps, Prostitutes, Body Guards, Hitmen, Dirty Cops and Stick Up Kids. A world where you start off with absolutly nothing and make your way to the top if your lucky. Do you think you have what it takes to rule, concor and control the world of gta? Create your free account now and give it a shot! We hope you enjoy your stay and don't forget to become a member and tell your friends!

Upcoming Features:
Mall Version 2.0: 5% Completed!   Organized Crimes (Beta): 80% Completed!
Gang Diplomacy (Beta): 70% Completed!   Extortion (Beta): 10% Completed!
Court House (Beta): 30% Completed!   Gambling (Beta): 35% Completed!

The Street Boss attacked and killed Trevor and got away with $2,360!
kiki217 achieved level 7!
kiki217 achieved level 6!
kiki217 achieved level 5!
kiki217 achieved level 4!
kiki217 achieved level 3!
kiki217 achieved level 2!
Trevor achieved level 8!
Trevor achieved level 7!
Claude achieved level 24!

Posted by: Supreme at 9:27 pm - Comments|18
Ok, so I know I have been gone for a while but I will be back next month after i save up more money for my unborn son.

Mystery Surprise!
Posted by: Supreme at 5:34 pm - Comments|0
In the next 24/48 hours I will be releasing a mystery feature, Can you guess what it is?
Posted by: Supreme at 7:28 pm - Comments|37
Drug Trade Update:
You now get experience and criminal rating for selling drugs. Also 10% of your earnings gets donated to the gang pot just like the missions.

Automatic Health Increase:
You may now notice that your health fills up by 100 points automatically, this is not an error its because now every hour your health will increase by the same amount and at the same time that your energy and stamina does. Everybody say thank you to Skittlez and PLAYA_25 for giving me the idea!

Gang Pot Brainstorm:
I have been thinking of making it so each gang leader gets to decide how much percentage they take if they want to take any at all.. Post your thoughts.
- Supreme
Round 1 Winners & Round 2 Begins!
Posted by: Supreme at 10:20 pm - Comments|0
The Winners of Round 1 Are As Listed;

1st Place - Don Viral (39 points)
2nd Place - Skittlez (40 points)
3rd Place - Supreme (40 points)
4th Place - Sniperofbuffalo (41 points)
5th Place - Boersakka (42 points)
6th Place - Capone-n-Noreaga (42 points)
7th Place - Playa_25 (64 points)
8th Place - Masterpiece (66 points)
9th Place - Taliban Loc (72 points)
10th Place - Jose_Messina (75 points)

How was the score calculated?
Well I went through the leaderboards and took the top ten members on each list if your name was not in one of the top ten spots then you scored 11 points, but if it was one of the top ten names then you scored the number of the place you ranked in.


Richest Gangsters
1. Boersakka
2. Don Viral
3. Supreme

Strongest Gangsters
1. Supreme
2. Boersakka
3. Don Viral

Most Wanted
1. Skittlez
2. Don Viral
3. Boersakka

My score would be 3 for ranking 3rd in the richest gangsters, plus 1 for ranking first in the strongest gangsters and 11 points for not being on the top ten most wanted list.

(3+1+11=15 total overall points)

Congratulations to everybody previously listed. The next reset will be on Oct. 3rd 2013 3pm eastern time. Don Viral please contact me to claim your cash prize. Who ever wins Round 2 will win $100 usd! Whos going to be the boss this time around??
Programing Continued and Reset!
Posted by: Supreme at 2:08 pm - Comments|13
Starting on Monday April 1st I will be programing everyday like i used to do. Tons of new features will be added.

Also there is a reset scheduled for May 1st 2013 at 1:00pm eastern pacific time. This reset will effect everything except your account meaning; gangs, characters, properties, banks and more. The reason why this reset is taking place?? The economy is ruined because of a banking error. Who ever is on top of majority of the leaderboards will receive a real life cash prize.

Next round winner will receive $100 usd!
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